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A Spiritual Awakening Has

Begun for Humanity


You wouldn't know it from the daily news stories on television and the Internet, but hidden from the view of most people, a gradual worldwide spiritual awakening has already begun. This website is just a small part of this global awakening. And believe it or not, the easiest way to participate in this gradual worldwide spiritual awakening is simply by pouring love to our Mother-Father GOD each day and letting the Infinite One's love pour through us to everyone else as loving kindness.  It's really that simple.  Just pour love to GOD, and let GOD's loving kindness pour through us in everything we think, feel, say and do!  That's the starting point, and then you can add anything else that you want to it.  By the way, in this website we usually use the term "GOD" or "Mother-Father GOD" when referring to GOD, but we believe it's just as valid to say the Infinite Buddha Nature, our Divine Mother, the Great Spirit, the Great "I AM", Jehovah, the Tao, Brahma, Allah, the Source, Paramatma, the Supreme Being, the Great Mystery, Divinity, or whatever else might be someone's favorite term for "GOD".  We believe that it's all the same GOD and that different cultures simply call GOD by different names.


Oneness of Humanity, Oneness of Religions


As more and more people begin to realize that the core teachings of all the world's religions teach similar simple, heartfelt truths, humanity will gradually become more united and begin embracing the truth of the oneness of religions and the oneness of humanity. And as more and more of us begin recognizing and practicing these simple truths, then with each succeeding generation, we’re getting closer and closer to a world of universal peace, happiness, abundance and contentment. So let's get busy, so that our grandchildren and great grandchildren from all of our planet's various cultures, races, and climates can eventually live together as sisters and brothers in a universal divine family. If we each do our part, then before we know it, this planet will become a paradise of peace, kindness and abundance.


Create Your Own Unique Personal Spiritual Journey


So come inside and discover the highest, purest, universal truths that are found within each of the world's religions.  And then, when you're ready - begin choosing for yourself those particular teachings and spiritual lifestyles that especially appeal to you, so that you can create your own unique, personalized, heartfelt spiritual journey, while participating in the spiritual transformation of our planet.


Don't Worry! We've Made It Fun & Easy For You!


This website is designed so that you can easily, happily and intuitively explore it just by following your heart.  And no matter where you start, the many links will soon lead you to helpful, enlightening, uplifting universal spiritual truths and practical down-to-earth spiritual lifestyles and practices that will gradually bring greater inner peace, joy & contentment into your life.  So give yourself permission to relax and pleasantly ponder the spiritual insights that are particularly appealing to you; think about the best ways of integrating them into your current lifestyle; and then start happily living them.  And remember, acquiring inner peace, contentment, happiness and ultimately Oneness with our Mother-Father GOD (the Great Spirit, the Infinite Buddha Nature, Divine Mother, etc), while helping to transform a planet, is not the work of an hour or a day. So, feel free to come back week after week, month after month, and year after year, to find further inspiration and encouragement as you re-read previously read pages or go on to explore undiscovered parts of the website to find additional new insights to help your life become ever more blissful, fulfilling and transformative.


Ready to Begin?


We invite you to join the fun! Just look at the links  below and click on whatever topic your heart pulls you to.  Or, if you prefer, start exploring the menus above, as well as the contextual menus which will appear on the upper left of most pages. Welcome to your future!  Have fun, be kind to yourself, and blessings on your journey!


By the way, this website is just a sincere, happy, labor of love by myself. There's no organization to join, everything is free, you don't have to believe in any particular doctrines, and I don't ask for donations! My only desire is to spread loving kindness, devotion to our Mother-Father GOD, and to share the teachings that gradually lead to self-mastery and self-realization.


I will be gradually adding new articles, so you might want to check back every once in a while and see if any Recent Articles have been added.  Also I have placed beautiful photos of people, nature and spiritual topics throughout the website to uplift and inspire the reader.  I hope you like them. And if you like this website, please let me know (Contact Us), and please tell friends and family about it!  It's mainly by word of mouth that people will learn about this site.  Thank you!


By the way, this website is structured so that the simple, easy to understand teachings are on the top level introductory pages.  But, for some topics, as one clicks on deeper links, one reaches ever deeper and more insightful aspects of those particular teachings.



Introductory Pages


For those who would like to have a nice overview of what our vast website contains and how to find it, please read the following introductory pages for our sites four main subject areas:


Universal Truths


Spiritual Paths




True Stories



Our Most Popular Articles:


For those who would like to checkout out some of our most popular articles please click on any of these:


True Angel Stories


Twin Rays


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Jesus' Teachings about Karma


Saint Germain's Path


Godfre Ray King


Universal Truths Intro


Our Higher Self or Atma




Spiritual Paths Intro


Sai Baba's Path


The Violet Flame


Violet Flame Meditation


The Dangers of Channeling - John's Story


Thought-Forms & How They Affect Us


"Cathy & Debbie's Story" - How Friendships

 & Marriages are Destroyed by Sneaky Astral Forces


Buddha's Teachings on GOD & the Higher Self




Spiritual Humor



And for those who want to just plunge right in, please click on the pictures below, or start exploring the menus above. The pictures below represent only a few of the many, many topics included in our extensive website, but they are a good sample of what the site contains. Have fun!



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Saint Germain's Ascended Master Teachings



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Fascinating Real-Life "Near Death Experiences"



Introduction to Various Spiritual Paths



Some of the Serious Dangers and "Inner" Deceptions That One Can Unknowingly Encounter on the Spiritual Path



Intro to the Buddha's Teachings



Intro to Jesus' Teachings



Recommended Reading


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Have Fun!!!


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