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You might ask, "What's the difference between Twin Rays and Soul Mates"?  Let's look at Soul Mates first - it's an easier concept.  In short, whoever is supposed to be our sweetheart in any given lifetime (or significant part of a lifetime) is our "Soul Mate" for just that particular lifetime or period.  In our next lifetime it's likely to be a different person/soul – although sometimes we get back together with the same soul in a future lifetime.  That's one reason why we sometimes feel like we already know the person and we're just picking up where we left off.  But most of the time the person (or "soul") who is going to be our "Soul Mate" will vary from lifetime to lifetime.  In fact, before we are born into any particular embodiment (when we are still in the Higher Realms), we carefully plan together our next lifetime with the person who is going to be our soul mate for that upcoming lifetime.  Together we arrange to be born to the right parents, at the right time, in the right geographical location and plan very carefully how we are going to meet and fall in love.  And even though later it seems very haphazard - it's actually been carefully planned by us with lots of built in flexibility so we can work around unexpected developments.  Of course the Great Ones and the Angels help to guide us together, too.


Our "Twin Rays" on the other hand are literally the "spiritual other half of ourselves" (this will be more fully explained below) and once we are both Ascended we will be blissfully in love and together for all eternity.  And for reasons that the Ascended Ones have not yet completely explained, it turns out that we rarely meet our Twin Rays in any physical lifetime.  So in most lifetimes we end up marrying a soul mate rather than our Twin Ray.  Thus, the various photos of couples in this article are most likely of Soul Mates rather than Twin Rays.


You might also ask, "Well, what if my Twin Ray is already Ascended?  Won't they be jealous of me being with the person I chose to be my soul mate in this particular lifetime?"  And the answer is that your Twin Ray adores you and wants you to be with the right spiritual partner and sweetheart for your optimal mutual spiritual growth.  In fact, oftentimes your Twin Ray may help you two to plan your future life together and will promise to help guide and inspire you both.  And your Ascended Twin Ray will probably work very hard to bring you two together at the right time in the physical world and will do all that they can to help you to be happy together while working through life's various, inevitable challenges.  Of course, we all have free will and none of us are perfect, so no relationship in the physical world is perfect.  But with a lot of love and understanding it can be a wonderful mutual blessing.


In fact, most people don't realize it, but romantic love has a great civilizing effect on humanity.  It introduces the feeling and consciousness of tenderness into our hearts.  And this particular kind of tenderness is crucial for softening the hearts of humanity.  When a couple begins dating and starts to fall in love, the quality and the feeling of tenderness expands within the hearts of each couple.  This radiates out to the rest of the world and helps to soften people's hearts everywhere.  And if the couple have a little baby it awakens a whole new feeling of tenderness that softens the hearts of humanity even more.  So romantic love is one of the most civilizing activities for humanity.  And it is with great caring and tenderness that the Great Ones and Angels bring the sweethearts together to become couples.


So in summary, in each lifetime we usually have a different person/soul who is our sweetheart soul mate.  Whereas the person or soul who is our Twin Ray is the same throughout all eternity.  When both Twin Rays are Ascended we will both be sweet, kind, caring and absolutely perfect in every way, deeply in love and totally adore each other.  Plus, once we are Ascended we can look any way we want and instantly change our appearance, so we are sure to be exquisitely beautiful or handsome.  And if we feel like it, we can always instantly adjust our appearance to make it even more beautiful or handsome for our Eternal Sweetheart.


Now We will Look More Deeply into

the Concept of Twin Rays


The Ascended Masters' teaching about the existence of Twin Rays is a  marvelous, transcendent, blissfully happy reality for each and every one of us.  Read on!


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Twin Rays:

The Marriage

Made in Heaven


Pearl was already familiar with the idea of “Twin Rays,” “Twin Flames” or "Twin Souls", as a transcendent revelation which our Arisen Sisters and Brothers have brought forth at this time.  She knew from studying their teachings that in the very beginning we first came forth from the Heart of our Loving and All Wise Creator - our Mother-Father GOD - the Great I AM, as a “Ray of Light.”  This one Ray then divided into two, “Twin Rays,” which in turn continue onward in their spiritual development until ultimately, ages later, one Twin Ray becomes a masculine Ascended Master and the other Twin Ray becomes a feminine Ascended Lady Master.  The Arisen Master Saint Germain has explained that he and the Arisen Lady Master known as the “Goddess of Justice” are Twin Rays.  As one might guess, the spiritual relationship between Twin Flames and the infinitely sweet love that they feel for each other is a very special.  And once they are both Ascended, the divine service they can render together throughout the universe is absolutely transcendent.


Pearl was also aware that on rare occasions, in order to render a service of exceptional importance, the Great Ones will sometimes bring together a set of “spiritually advanced” Twin Rays who are both still in physical embodiment.  They do this, because of the tremendous divine power that can be poured through them when they are working together.  Pearl knew that Godfre and Lotus Ray King were such a pair of Twin Flames.


In the following quote, the Ascended Master known as Kuthumi, refers to this process of the dividing of the Single Divine Ray into a pair of Twin Rays:


From the very heart of creation, the Great Central Source, comes forth a Ray of Light.  This Ray of Light manifests itself in space as a flaming heart of Love, and from it in two directions come forth the out-picturing, and the outer action of Love.  Divided in space, the One Ray becomes Two, and blazing ever onward and outward, eventually forms into the physical bodies of man and woman.1


Pearl later learned that the One Ray divides into Twin Rays in order for them to learn to always express the purest, highest form of selfless, Universal Christ Love to all life at all times.  And throughout this entire process each Ray always remains one with its Divine Source.  Kuthumi continues his explanation of the Twin Rays in the following way:


 . . . brought forth in Love, living in Love, and returning again in time, having expressed all Love, into the fullness of the Love from whence it came . . .  thus is every individual upon this planet a child of the one GOD, a being born of a ray.  The ray itself is Love in action, and upon that ray he [or she] is guided through all outer world experience.  Thus, the individual moves, never even for a moment apart from his source, for he cannot part from his source in as much as he is a part of that flaming Central Sun from whence he came.2


Pearl understood that when this Single Ray first comes from the heart of our Mother-Father GOD, it contains within itself an exquisitely beautiful divine flame possessing the perfectly balanced qualities of heart and mind.  It is out of this flame that the One Ray then divides into Two Rays.  In one of these “Twin Rays” the attributes of the heart or “feeling world” predominates, while in the other, it is the characteristics of the mind or “mental nature.”  The sweet and yet transcendently powerful Arisen Lady Master, Beloved Mary, who was the mother of Jesus in her final embodiment, explains that some day we will all come to know that GOD is the perfect unity of both the Mother aspect of Deity and the Father aspect.  Beloved Mary also shares that these two sacred attributes not only express themselves at all times within each human being, but they are also continuously active throughout the world of humanity at large.  The Heart represents the Divine Mother or “feeling side of life,” and the Intellect represents the Divine Father, or “mental activity of life.”3


Thus, within each of these Twin Rays is a “Flame of Light” which comes from our Mother-Father GOD’s own Heart.  And around this Central Flame in each Ray, a beautiful Being of Light is gradually formed.  In the Feminine Ray, in which the quality of Divine Feeling predominates, a Divine Feminine Being develops.  Whereas in the Masculine Ray, in which the activity of Divine Mind is more pronounced, a Divine Masculine Being is formed.  These Twin Beings are usually called “Twin Rays”, “Twin Flames” or "Twin Souls."  At this point in our spiritual evolution, we were literally “Gods and Goddesses” who were perfect in every way.  Pearl would later discover that even in the Bible in Psalms 82:6 (KJV), it was announced to the children of Earth: “Ye are Gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”  And in the New Testament, when Jesus was about to be stoned by nonbelievers who accused him of claiming to be GOD, it says: “Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in your Law, “I have said, you are Gods”?’.”  (John 10:34, NIV)  Saint Germain clarifies this marvelous revelation:


Let us go back for a moment . . . to the Beginning of Man on this planet, let us behold him [or her] in all his pristine glory and Light!  Behold – a Free Being.  He is free, pure, and uncontaminated, a being of Free Will, in short – a God.  Oh, if you would only remember the glory all had in GOD before the world was – but, take courage, I say that all of you will one day again regain your supernal glory and rise among your Brothers [and Sisters], the Ascended Host of Light, as Masters of your destinies, no longer subject to cause and effect – as Beings of Cause alone.  And this shall come to be, for it is a Divine Command:


Man Shall Be Free!4


Thus, even before coming into physical embodiment for the first time, we were already “Gods!”  In fact, we were not just “Gods,” we were God and Goddess pairs!  Each set of “Twin Flames” were actually a Goddess and a God who perfectly expressed the twin attributes of Heart and Divine Mind.  In the following quote the Ascended Lady Master known as the Goddess of Grace, refers to these twin activities of our “feeling and mental worlds":


What you mean by the label, “male” and “female,” pertains only to the flesh form, while the higher nature and its masculine and feminine attributes could better be described as predominantly of the “mental” or predominantly of the “feeling” nature.  And though every Flame manifests both the attributes of mind and feeling, usually one predominates and the nature is called “masculine,” if chiefly mental, and “feminine,” if chiefly feeling – though, in the Perfect Christ Being, both attributes of the Flame are in perfect balance, neither one predominant, both working together as the One they, in fact, are.5


Thus, each one of us must eventually bring these two essential divine qualities of heart and mind – our feminine and masculine natures – into perfect balance within ourselves.


Pearl would later learn that at this particular point in our spiritual unfoldment there was an essential divine attribute which these God and Goddess pairs were lacking.  It was creative wisdom.  Acquiring this sacred wisdom was necessary in order for us to take our rightful place within the expanding Pageant of Cosmic Creation.  But this required quality could only be attained in one way – through direct experience.  Thus, we were given the opportunity to begin acquiring this necessary wisdom by starting the process of becoming Arisen Masters.  In this way, the Feminine Ray of a Twin Ray pair would eventually become an Ascended Lady Master, while the Masculine Ray would become a Masculine Ascended Master.  This path would require us to go through a long series of experiences on the physical plane of existence (as well as on other non-physical planes) in hundreds of lifetimes with each Ray sometimes embodying in a masculine body, and other times in a feminine body.  But gradually in this way we would attain this essential, sublime, spiritual understanding, and therefore the right to use our full divine creative powers at Cosmic Levels.


Eventually, Pearl became aware of two additional reasons why we needed to come into physical embodiment.  The first is the fact that we are Beings of Free Will.  The reader may recall that Sathya Sai Baba says:


GOD has the power to shape the Nature of man, but He does not exercise that power . . . He leaves it to the free will of the individual, [who] has to learn the lesson by experience . . . 6


The second reason is that the qualities of perfect mastery are already planted within our hearts in “seed form.”  But these little “seeds” can only “sprout,” and gradually grow into the fully developed attributes of perfect mastery, through our own self-effort.  Thus, we needed an appropriate environment, which by its very nature would encourage us to make the required self-effort.  This is why we chose of our own freewill to experience life at the material plane of existence.  Because it is only at the physical vibratory level that we encounter the “Law of Resistance.”  This Principle of Resistance is nothing more than that force which we meet in every moment of our lives, which requires us to make an effort to accomplish anything.  Saint Germain explains it in the following way:


[Humanity] came to this material school, for as a school lesson should all earthly travail be seen, to encounter the Principle of Resistance, the force of opposition, which some of you think you would like a little less of – well, I say to you, it is only in experiencing, understanding, and overcoming this very Force of which the material world is composed, that makes the attainment of your true Freedom possible.


How exquisitely beautiful is that Plan, and the Eternal Glory that awaits you.  A great privilege is yours on the Earth today, My children; how I wish I could show you.7


Every time we choose, of our own free will, to make an effort to become sweeter, kinder, more compassionate, forgiving, patient, courageous, determined, and so on, and then put it into practice, we are actually expanding and strengthening these valuable, sacred “seed” qualities within us.  Thus, bit by bit, over many lifetimes, the innumerable efforts we make as a result of encountering the Law of Resistance, are gradually transforming these tiny, spiritual “seeds” into the full grown, Christ-like attributes of perfect mastery.


This long, and often challenging process of acquiring divine wisdom, loving kindness and masterful self-discipline through hundreds of embodiments on the physical plane, (as well as in numerous other non-physical realms), eventually achieves the desired goal.  Ultimately, each Ray of a Twin Ray pair, embodies a sufficiently high understanding of the constructive, selfless, divine use of the creative powers of heart and mind.  When all our lessons are adequately learned, and the required level of wisdom, loving kindness and masterful self-discipline is acquired, we will then Ascend back into our perfect bodies of Light that our Ascended Friends call our Higher Self, Atma or “I AM Presence".  Once this occurs, we are now Arisen “Christ” Beings filled with blissful, selfless divine love, transcendent divine wisdom, and incredible divine powers.


Pearl learned that each Ray must earn the right to Ascend through its own self-effort.  When both Rays of a Twin Flame “pair” have each made their Ascension then they are able to work together at Cosmic Levels, assisting in the expansion of Divine Creation.  And now that they are Arisen, the divine service they can render together throughout the universe is absolutely amazing.  And because they are both Ascended, they are both perfect in every way and absolutely adore each other.  The feeling of sweet, adoring, tender, affectionate, selfless divine love which a pair of Arisen Twin Rays have for each other is infinitely blissful, and the perfectly pure divine love which pours through each of them to bless the universe is very, very great.  Indeed, our Twin Ray is our “True Love,” and the selfless divine love that each Ray feels for its other half is sometimes referred to as “Divine Romance.”  In every way this can truly be considered a “Marriage made in Heaven.”  And not only is this divine relationship eternal, but the sacred, sweet, tender, pure love and affection of one Ascended Ray for its other half is so blissful that it is beyond our most wonderful imaginings.


Pearl knew that we can only attain our Ascension when we have reached an adequate level of spiritual progress, and have rendered a sufficient amount of humble, loving, selfless service to our fellow human beings.  And you may recall that even though these goals may be challenging to attain, it gave her great hope to remember the promise of our Elder Sisters and Brothers: that we can not only achieve these goals sooner than we might think, but:


We can actually accomplish our Ascensions

at the end of this lifetimes!


All we have to do is learn the Laws of the Ascended Ones and apply them sincerely, patiently and earnestly in our own lives.  This magnificent, unique opportunity is possible at this time because of the tremendous Divine Assistance now pouring to the Earth to lift the consciousness of humanity into the Permanent Golden Age of Peace and Selfless Universal Love.  This is why Saint Germain has brought forth these great teachings at this time, because they are essential if humanity is to survive, let alone earn its Eternal Freedom.  Pearl would later discover that this is the same reason why Sathya Sai Baba came to  the Earth.  His advent not only ensured that humanity will not destroy itself, but also guarantees that we will have every available opportunity to forever free ourselves from the “wheel of birth, death, and rebirth.”  The decision to avail ourselves of these incredible opportunities is left up to us.


Pearl was aware that only rarely, during hundreds of embodiments at the physical vibratory level, do Twin Rays meet and work together.  When they do, they might be friends, colleagues, business associates, sisters, brothers, sister and brother, husband and wife, or some other outer world relationship.  Each time, they learn the appropriate lessons that need to be learned.


Even though the revelation concerning the reality of Twin Rays is a great blessing for humanity, Pearl was also aware that our Arisen Sisters and Brothers recommend that we do not look for our Twin Ray in the physical world.  This is because it is so easy for us to jump to foolish conclusions as to who might be our Twin Ray.  And the mistakes we often make as a result of these erroneous assumptions can get us into a lot of trouble.  The Masters explain that the safest, fastest, and best way to meet our Twin Ray is simply to make our Ascensions!


So let's get busy and sincerely, steadily and patiently put the Ascended Masters' and Sai Baba's teachings into practice so that we can Ascend in this lifetime and be with our Eternal True Love - our Twin Ray!



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